Surecall Fusion5x Review

SureCall Fusion5X Cell Phone Signal Booster - Outdoor Omni and 4 Indoor Dome antennas





The Fusion5X is designed for areas up to 20,000 square feet, making it suitable for large homes, office buildings, warehouses, or other commercial spaces.

Multi-Carrier Support

It supports multiple carriers and all North American cellular networks, including 4G LTE, providing a broad spectrum of coverage.

Boosting Power

With up to 72 dB gain, it amplifies weak signals into strong, reliable connections for voice, text, and data.

Automatic Gain Control

It automatically adjusts the gain level based on the outside signal strength, preventing interference or overpowering of the system.


Signal Improvement

Users have reported significant improvements in signal strength, especially in areas with weak or unreliable connections. It effectively boosts signal bars and enhances call quality, data speeds, and overall connectivity.


The Fusion5X maintains a stable connection once set up properly. Users have experienced fewer dropped calls and improved data transfer rates, particularly in areas with poor reception.


It works well with multiple carriers and network types, accommodating different devices simultaneously.

User Experience

Ease of Use

Setting up the Fusion5X is relatively simple, thanks to the user-friendly manual and installation guide. However, fine-tuning antenna placement might take some trial and error.


Users have reported consistent performance over time, with minimal maintenance required once the system is up and running.

Customer Support

SureCall customer support is not the best.


Antenna Placement

Finding the optimal location for antennas is crucial for maximizing performance. This might require some experimentation to achieve the best results.

Initial Cost

While the Fusion5X provides excellent performance, its price might be a significant investment for some users. However, the benefits of improved connectivity could outweigh the cost.


The SureCall Fusion5X is a high-performance signal booster that effectively tackles weak cellular signals in large spaces. Its ease of installation, consistent performance, and wide compatibility across carriers make it a reliable choice for those seeking improved connectivity. However, users should consider the initial investment and antenna placement for optimal performance.

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