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A distinguished importer and the Chairman of Automotime Parts Review (APR). With a wealth of experience in the automotive industry, Enam Tarek has established himself as a prominent figure in the field of importing automotive parts. His leadership and vision have propelled APR to become a trusted name in the industry, known for its commitment to delivering top-quality products and unparalleled customer service.


Weifeng Zhang Li

Weifeng Zhang Li is a notable importer based in China, recognized for his expertise in sourcing and importing a diverse range of products from around the world.


MD Newaz is a prominent businessman known for his entrepreneurial acumen and leadership in various industries.

Shaaz Rahman

Masters in Strategic Marketing from Aston Business School 2016. Undergraduate in Management from Cass Business School 2015. Since joining in 2017, he has learned the Automotive Market Extensively.

We  are The Leading auto parts importer and review site in Bangladesh

Established in Bangladesh in 2005, APR Imports is a prominent automotive parts supplier renowned for offering a comprehensive range of world-class branded products. Committed to upholding our reputation as dealers of genuine and high-quality products, we never compromise on quality. With every new product we introduce, we ensure that it meets the highest standards of quality. Our primary focus is to provide customers with a relaxed and stress-free buying experience when purchasing parts, recognizing that it can be a daunting task. Our unwavering dedication to quality has positioned us as a major player in the spare parts market. To provide assurance to buyers, we affix our personalized hologram to all our products, signifying their genuineness and superior quality.

Our Mission

Our goal is to offer Bangladesh’s top-notch, authentic replacement parts. to have a reputation for importing only authentic parts. 

Customers can have faith that a product bearing the Hajee Hologram is authentic and of superior quality. Every new supplier we bring on board needs to have the best production facilities and a well-established reputation in the global automotive industry.

Because of our established reputation as a reliable source of high-quality automotive parts in Bangladesh, suppliers in turn trust Hajee to market their goods.

I made this website so that buyers can find information and get to know the real user experience of the automobile parts. I have a team of writers and researchers who help with my work.Our insights will help buyers to make better choices about what to buy. 

Our goal is to give our customers information that is helpful and based on data. Ultimately, we want to help them find great products right for them. 

Our company was built on the idea that customers should be led to the goods and services that best meet their needs. Since the first day we opened for business, one of the most important things that have helped us stay successful is making it easy for customers to find the products that meet their needs. 

We do this by giving customers access to detailed and helpful content to help them make the best intelligent and well-informed buying decisions possible for whatever they want. Do you want to spend as little money as possible on the best parts for your car? You can depend on us to take care of you.

Why would you Trust us?

Since we started in 2020, we have looked at hundreds of different products. We never recommend something that we wouldn’t buy ourselves if we could. Before making our final suggestions in a particular field, we spend a lot of time studying and testing a number of different goods in that area. 

Our writers and expert reviewers spend a lot of time, sometimes weeks reviewing and analyzing the many types out there. They use the things all the time, read reviews from other customers, find out what their competitors are doing, and then place orders for them.

One or more writers write each review with much experience in their fields and businesses. Because our writers have written previously on different blogs and websites, so they have information on the subject. Alongside this, some of our experts have real-life experience working in different car dealerships and garages.

After we finish the writing part of a review, we put it to the test in a number of different ways. Before it is made available to the public on our website, an expert reviewer, a content editor, a top editor, and the site director review it to ensure it is correct.

Each person provides both the text and the opinions needed for it to be released. Because of this, we can ensure that all the information we give is accurate and that all our products are easy for customers to find. 

We also often take photos of items in our office, which gives our customers a unique look and sometimes a first look at new gadgets and trendy items, about which you may be thinking if they work. 

How do We Review Products

Before we think about suggesting a product, it has to have at least 150-200 reviews (If available), and at least 90% of them have to be positive. We have a method for adding up and averaging the scores of goods that are the same in every other way. 

This is essential because some applications, like those for a specific size or color, get poor ratings. We’ll give you the exact number you need in the next piece. 

Even if they don’t meet our scoring criteria, we still look at hits and other well-known names in their field and give them a try to find out why so many people like them. This helps us serve our clients better. 

If we find something that doesn’t look quite right, automobilepartreviews.com will check the product using review quality methods open to the public to see signs of fraud. 

Suppose we find out that a company uses deceptive business practices, like giving customers free goods or cash in return for positive feedback. In that case, we quickly remove any mentions of that company from our recommendations and explain why we came to this decision.

We give better scores to items from companies whose warranties are more extended than the average for their group, whose websites have directions or other information, and whose customer service and technical helplines are free. 

This is on top of the fact that the product is excellent and valuable. If there are problems with how the product is given to clients, the quality of the product itself will mean less and will move down the list. Automobilepartreviews.com owns various types of testing equipment. 

Whenever we can, we buy and test products ourselves. We can figure out what makes one product better than another and which names usually work best by using them and comparing them to our library of similar things, which is constantly growing. To do this, the goods in question are used and compared.

We start with a very long list but cut it down until it only has things worth your time and money. Sometimes we see the same object being sold under a different brand name. When we find them, we’ll let you know what they’re called so you can choose the best deal.

All of the product sites we already have are being updated with new ideas and tips, as well as more test results, pictures, and instructions on how to use the product. In addition, we are trying to give more information about insurance, technology support, paperwork, and customer service. We call companies often to find out more about any or all of them.

How do we generate revenue?

We want to ensure you get the best things, but we know you only have time to look for them online. We will make sure you get the best products because of this. Our goal is to give you information that will help you narrow your search and make fair decisions about what to buy.

If you click on one of our links, go to the company’s website, and buy something there, we will get a fee for the sale. Because this information comes from the seller, not the buyer, it will keep the price you’ve already posted. 

Because of the money we get from our business partners, we can keep giving you expert help and telling you the stories that bring us so much joy. In the next part, we’ll discuss how to figure out affiliate earnings. Please see that section for more information.

How do commissions work for affiliates?

Automobilepartreviews.com is a part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate advertising programs similar to those offered by eBay and other companies. 

Because of these partnerships, we can earn fees by linking to products on our business partners’ websites. When you click on a link to a product on Automobilepartreviews.com, the link has a small piece of code telling the ad partner or store that the link came from our website and that they should pay us a referral fee due to the click. 

This happens because the link tells people that it comes from our website. Because of this, we are not tied to Amazon or any other store or business partner, and we are not more likely to choose some things or companies over others. 

Also, we don’t favor one business over another. Since we get the same partner fee for the first thing on the list as the last thing, we may want to focus on finding the best available things. 

You will continue to pay the same amount, but you can take advantage of any discounts or deals. Even though this is true, you will still have to pay.

Our contributors and writers don’t write product reviews based on what our advertising or store partners tell them to do. Instead, they do it on their own. 

Our editing team isn’t responsible for making money from the content, and they don’t work directly with any of our company’s marketing efforts either.