Best Exhaust Clamps ( Reviewed by Experts )

best exhaust clamps


Exhaust clamps are used to hold and secure the exhaust tightly together to prevent movement or separation from the rear of your vehicle.

You have to make sure that you are using the best exhaust clamps, otherwise your exhaust will move and might fall dawn.

So in this article we discussed about How many types of exhaust clamps are there and which one is the best exhaust clamp.

Types Of Exhaust Clamps

There are mainly 2 most common types of exhaust clamps. (U-BOLT) & (BAND CLAMPS )

List of all types of exhaust clamp.

  • U-bolt/saddle clamp
  • V-band clamp
  • T-Bolt clamp
  • Narrow Band

  • Center Punch Clamp

U-bolt Clamp

A U-bolt clamp is a type of fastening device used to secure or hold together your exhaust pipe. It gets its name from its distinctive U-shaped design.

U-bolt clamps consist of a U-shaped bolt with threads on both ends and a flat plate or strap that connects the two ends of the U-bolt. 

To use a U-bolt clamp, the U-bolt is placed around the objects to be fastened, and the threaded ends of the bolt pass through holes in the flat plate or strap.

NETAMI 17126 Heavy Duty U-Bolt Exhaust Clamp

The Best U bolt exhaust clamp

Nuts are then tightened onto the threaded ends of the U-bolt, applying pressure to secure the objects in place. This design allows for easy adjustment and ensures a tight and stable connection.

V-band clamp

A V-band clamp, also known as a V-band coupling or V-band flange, is a type of clamp used to connect and secure two cylindrical objects, typically in high-temperature and high-pressure applications. It gets its name from its distinctive V-shaped design.

V-band clamps consist of a male and female flange, both of which have a V-shaped groove machined into them. 

The male flange has a protruding V-shaped lip, while the female flange has a corresponding V-shaped groove.


Dorman 903-003

The Best v band exhaust clamp

V-band clamps are commonly used in exhaust systems of high-performance vehicles and industrial machinery. They are valued for their ability to provide a secure, durable, and easily serviceable connection while maintaining a good seal

T-bolt clamp

A T-bolt clamp is a type of hose or pipe clamp designed to securely fasten hoses, pipes, or other cylindrical objects together. These clamps are named after their T-shaped bolt, which provides a strong and adjustable tightening mechanism.

he clamp consists of a T-shaped bolt, where the top of the T serves as the tightening mechanism. This T-bolt typically has threads for attaching a nut.

The T-bolt is connected to a metal band, often made of stainless steel or other durable materials.

Vibrant 2791 Stainless Steel T-Bolt Clamp

The Best t bolt exhaust clamp

The T-bolt is secured using a locking nut, which is threaded onto the bolt and tightened to apply pressure on the band. This pressure creates a secure and reliable connection.

Narrow Band Clamp

A Narrow Band Clamp, also known as a narrow-band worm gear clamp or mini hose clampAs the name suggests, these clamps are characterized by their narrow and compact design.

The band of the clamp is relatively slim compared to traditional hose clamps, making it suitable for applications where space is limited.

Narrow Band Clamps typically use a worm gear mechanism, consisting of a threaded screw and a housing with slots for the band.


The Best Narrow Band Clamp​

Rotating the screw tightens or loosens the clamp, allowing for easy adjustment. These clamps are often made from durable materials like stainless steel or galvanized steel, ensuring resistance to corrosion and providing a reliable and long-lasting connection.

Center Punch Clamp

A Center Punch Clamp, also known as an Ear-Lokt or Ear Clamp, is a type of hose clamp used to secure hoses onto fittings or nipples, ensuring a secure and leak-free connection.

When the ears are compressed, they deform and grip the hose tightly, preventing it from slipping off the fitting. This deformation creates a seal that helps prevent leaks.

Center Punch Clamps consist of a metal band with one or more “ears” or tabs on one end. These ears have a pre-punched hole.


The Best Center Punch Clamp​

Center Punch Clamps are valued for their ability to provide a reliable and strong connection, and they are cheap in price.

The best exhaust clamp depends on factors such as the type of vehicle, exhaust system, budget, and specific requirements. It’s essential to select a clamp that matches the diameter of your exhaust components and suits your application.

Whether it’s for standard maintenance or high-performance modifications. Additionally, consider the materials used in the clamp to ensure durability and resistance to corrosion in the often harsh environment of exhaust systems.


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