SureCall EZ 4G Plug-and-Play Cell Phone Signal Booster Review





 The SureCall EZ 4G is compatible with all North American cell carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile. It supports voice, text, and 4G LTE data and is suitable for all phone models, including iPhones, Androids, and Samsung Galaxies​​.

Coverage Expectation

 It offers up to +72 dB gain, expanding indoor coverage. The effectiveness depends on the signal strength available outdoors. It’s reported to cover 1-2 rooms effectively, with the coverage area varying based on outdoor signal strength: 1,000 sq ft for 1-2 bars, 1,500 sq ft for 3-4 bars, and 2,000 sq ft for 5 bars​​.


The SureCall EZ 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster seems to be more effective in areas with at least a minimal existing signal. Its performance varies significantly based on the initial signal strength and the specific environment where it’s used. While it has successfully boosted signal strength for many users, others have found it less effective, particularly in areas with very weak or non-existent signals. The device is easy to install and works with all carriers, but its effectiveness is not guaranteed in all situations.

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