Air lift 57531 Review

Well nowadays its really hard to choose the perfect air suspension for your vehicle as there are like a thousand of options but if you were to search in order to cut you some slack then you can really narrow down to few options. Air Lift 57531 LoadLifter 7500 XL Ultimate Air Spring Kit could be your potential one.

Air Lift 57531 LoadLifter

Product Details



Air Lift (USA)

Part Position


Load Capacity

7500 pounds

Maximum Lifting Heights

7 inches



How We Tested

We bought an Air Lift 57531 LoadLifter air suspension and used it in our 2022 ram 3500 dually 4×4. Then our expert product reviewers along with expert mechanics have tested the air suspension thoroughly and mentioned the pros and cons of it and compared the product with the other available air suspensions. Our experts have also rated this product on the scale out of 10 dividing each catagory.

Our Ratings (Out Of 10)



Ease of Installing


Build and Durability


Electrical Output


Customer reviews




Our Driving Experience


Potential Pros

Ultimate Kit:

The Air suspension is specifically designed for select RAM 3500 two-wheel and four-wheel drive vehicles and the manufacturers have done a great job in ensuring enhanced safety and comfort during towing or hauling activities.


Internal Jounce Bumper:

The kit comes with an internal jounce bumper which is designed to provide your vehicle a greater leveling strength. This innovative design allows for effective performance at lower air pressure levels.


7-Inch Double-Bellows Air Springs:

The Airlift 57531 Loadlifter is equipped with 7-inch double-bellows air springs that will offer you substantial load-leveling capacity. It is also capable of supporting up to 7,500 lbs which is relatively more than the other available Air suspensions of the same league.


Hassle Free and No Common Issues:

You all are familiar with issues like squat, trailer sway, body roll, and bottoming out if you have used air suspension beforehand. This Air suspension ensures a more controlled and comfortable ride, enhancing overall driving experience as the manufacturers have significantly worked on the product to avoid the mentioned issues.


Cargo Safety and Security:

You no longer have to keep on checking your cargo as this air suspension will keep the cargo safe and secure during transportation, preventing unnecessary movement. The kit contributes to a stable and level ride, minimizing the risk of cargo-related incidents.



Potential Drawbacks

Installation Complexity:

Some users may find the installation process of the air spring kit to be moderately complex, especially if they are not familiar with automotive modifications but the kit does come with a user manual where you can find how to install it. Though professional installation might be preferred for those without adequate experience.



Best For Which Vehicles

The Air Lift 57531 LoadLifter Air suspension for Kit fits the following vehicles:

Dodge RAM 3500 4WD and RWD 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024. It is the best air suspension for Dodge RAM 3500 4WD and RWD (2019-2024)


The LoadLifter 7500 XL Ultimate kit not only prioritizes safety but also enhances ride comfort so if you are up for an air suspension or if you are looking for the best Air suspension for your DODGE RAM 3500 then this could be your potential top priority.


Hope you enjoy a smoother driving experience, even when dealing with heavy loads though it can’t be over 7500 pounds. Jokes apart, Happy Ride!


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