Air Lift 25980ez Wirelessone ez Mount: An In-Depth Analysis

The Air Lift 25980 EZ WirelessONE 2nd Generation Easy is an advanced air suspension control system designed to provide convenient and efficient management of air springs in vehicles. Here’s a detailed overview of its features and capabilities:

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Pros of this product

Single-Path Control : The 25980 EZ offers single-path control, inflating and deflating the left and right air springs equally. This ensures even load distribution and stability under heavy loads.

Wireless Operation : It includes a wireless handheld unit and a mobile app for operation both inside and outside the vehicle, providing flexibility and ease of use

Easy Installation : The system boasts an easy installation process, with no air lines required to the cab. It also includes the EZ Mount installation bracket with an upgraded compressor for quicker setup.

Compatibility : This product is designed to work with most brands and styles of air springs, making it a versatile choice for users with existing air spring systems or those looking to upgrade.

Programmable Memory Settings : Users can program and store up to three user-defined memory settings, allowing for quick recall of frequently used pressures.

Wireless Tank Systems : The WirelessOne Tank + EZ Mount kit offers a 2-gallon auxiliary air tank for extended air supply and improved performance.

Performance and Usability

Pressure Adjustment : The system allows for inflating or deflating airbag helper springs wirelessly using a Bluetooth controller or a smartphone/tablet app. It has a maximum output pressure of 120 PSI and uses a single output port for maintaining equal pressure on both left and right airbags.

Preset Pressure Settings : It comes with factory presets for pressure settings (e.g., 5 PSI, 20 PSI) which can be adjusted to user preference. These presets facilitate easy adjustments for different load conditions.

Remote and App Control : The included remote is user-friendly and allows for easy adjustments. The free mobile app, available for both iOS and Android, offers a clean layout for adjusting pressure and accessing presets. The app also provides detailed information for troubleshooting and allows the system to be paired with up to 10 devices, though only one can be active at a time.

Installation and Mounting : The system comes pre-installed on a bracket and offers various mounting options, including bolt and lock nut hardware, self-tapping screws, and a u-bolt for clamping around the frame. The simple circuit hookup includes connections for power, ground, and an optional ignition power source.

User Reviews and Comparisons

Air Lift 25980EZ review

Users have reported positive experiences, noting the ease of installation and operation, quick inflation, and responsiveness using the remote or app.

Compared to similar products like Firestone’s Air Command F3 Compressor System, the Air Lift’s remote and compressor response are faster and more consistent in achieving the desired pressure level.

However, the Firestone system does offer the ability to adjust left and right sides individually for side-to-side levelling.

Final Words

The Air Lift 25980 EZ WirelessONE 2nd Generation Easy is a comprehensive solution for air spring management, offering a blend of technological advancement and user convenience.

Its compatibility with various air spring brands, easy installation, wireless control, and programmable presets make it a highly adaptable and efficient system for vehicles requiring air spring adjustments.

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