QUICKLYNKS T31 Car Full OBD2: A Comprehensive Analysis

QUICKLYNKS T31 Car Full OBD2 Check Auto Engine System Diagnostic Tool.


  • Supports proprietary code OBDII
  • 12V 
  • 16PIN connected car motor failure test
  • Shows the fault code and definition on the screen
  • Views Live data




The automotive industry has witnessed a surge in technological advancements, and the QUICKLYNKS T31 is a testament to this evolution. This device falls under the category of OBD2 scanners, designed to communicate with a vehicle’s onboard computer system to retrieve information and diagnose potential issues.

Compatibility and Vehicle Support

The T31 is compatible with most cars manufactured after 1996, provided they adhere to OBD2 standards. This broad compatibility makes it a versatile tool for various vehicle makes and models.

Diagnostic Functions

One of its primary functions is the ability to read and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), allowing users to pinpoint issues related to the engine, transmission, ABS, and airbag systems.

Live Data and Real-time Monitoring

The device displays real-time sensor data, including RPM, speed, temperature, and more, enabling users to monitor their vehicle’s performance on the go.

I/M Readiness and Emission Testing

The T31 checks the readiness of emission-related systems, assisting users in ensuring their vehicle meets environmental standards.

Multilingual Support

For user convenience, the scanner supports multiple languages, enhancing accessibility for a wider audience.

Compact Design and Portability



Its handheld design makes it portable and easy to use, allowing car owners to carry out diagnostics effortlessly.

Benefits of the QUICKLYNKS T31

The T31 offers several advantages to users, including cost and time savings by allowing DIY maintenance and providing a means for monitoring their vehicle’s health regularly.

Comparison and Accuracy

Comparing the T31 with other OBD2 scanners reveals its competitive edge in terms of functionality and usability. Its accuracy in diagnosing issues is reliable, although verification with other diagnostics is recommended for confirmation.

How to Use the OPD Co Raider: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Physical Overview

The OPD Co Raider boasts a sleek design and high-quality connectors made from premium materials for durability. The indicator lights—green, yellow, and red—convey vital information about your vehicle’s status.

2. Connecting the OPD Co Raider

  • Ensure your vehicle’s engine is off.
  • Plug the OPD Co Raider into the OBD port of your vehicle securely.
  • Start your engine to establish a connection between the device and your car’s systems.

3. Interface and Language Selection

  • Upon startup, the device displays a language selection screen. Choose from a variety of languages for ease of use.
  • Navigate through the interface using the front panel buttons.

4. Scanning Options

  • The device offers two primary scanning options: one for the engine and another for the transmission.
  • Select your preferred option to initiate the scanning process.

In summary, the QUICKLYNKS T31 stands as a comprehensive OBD2 scanner offering an array of features. Its user-friendly design, compatibility with various vehicles, and accurate diagnostic capabilities make it a valuable tool for both amateur and experienced car enthusiasts.

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