Innova 5610 review | Is it worth the money ?

innova-5610 review

Innova 5610 is a bi-directional scan tool for car. which Understands Your Vehicle, Pinpoint What’s Wrong, and Complete Your Repairs with Less Headache.

In this article we pointed out all the pros and cons about Innova 5610 .




The Innova 5610 is the ideal tool for managing complex vehicular tests. Despite its power, it is easy to use, portable, and durable. It is the choice of tens of thousands of automotive technicians, fleet maintenance personnel, vehicle manufacturers, and government departments. Features the full-color screen. Has the ability to record and playback live data. It comes with a repair solutions software that is embedded in the tool and includes Code-Connect Top Reported Fixes from the DTC Library. It has an internal memory of 320×240 CF card. The software is updatable via the internet. Has the ability to view two data PIDs or two graphs at one time. Comes with a dual trigger for capturing waveforms. It includes a SnapShop data capture button. Has a Multimeter that can record up to 8 hours of continuous data. AutoID automatically identifies CAN vehicles. Data Protocols include: CAN, ISO9141, KWP2000, and J1850. The tool comes with a USB cable. The specifications include the operating system, the performance, the battery, and general items. The tool has an operating temperature of 20°F to 70°F, it is also (9°C to 21°C). The storage temperature has a range of -30°C to 60°C, or -22°F to 140°F. A lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable and has a life of 4-6 hours of continuous use. It has an input voltage of 8.0 to 17.0. Benefits help customers understand how they will gain from the product. This is a long-term investment for anyone in the automotive industry. It will save time and money by troubleshooting and testing vehicle components and systems. It is also a product that anyone in the automotive industry can use due to its simplistic design and robust case.


This is a new product from Chrisman Manufacturing, Inc. Innova 5610 is a multi-purpose professional diagnostic tool with high-grade features and functionality. Specifically, it also allows the user to view the vehicle’s live or recorded data and the user can share and print out the live or recorded data which can help to give unemployed technicians, who are ready to get out of the business once and for all, useful reference information. The tool is based on the Windows CE operating system and features a large, user-friendly color display. The Innova 5610 includes an array of features that facilitate vehicle diagnosis as well as new functions that help to diagnose and repair the vehicle quickly and effectively. This tool has been designed and manufactured to give the maximum affordable diagnostic tool value to today’s do-it-yourselfer, as well as the technician preparing to add to their tools and equipment. This product is easy to use and has now been organized into two distinctive consumer markets. The cost of this tool will be around $300.00 US. The first markets are the technologically savvy consumers who are in need of a diagnostic tool for their vehicle(s). These consumers can easily come to understand and use the tool to quickly diagnose a vehicle trouble code and obtain the real source of the problem. With a continuously growing demand in automotive vehicle diagnostic tools, this market can now afford an inexpensive diagnostic tool which provides a result equivalent to a scan tool at an auto repair shop. This product is not only affordable to consumers who want to keep their own vehicle(s) maintained, but people who are getting into the automotive repair business. Scan tool students and unemployed technicians can take advantage of an inexpensive diagnostic tool, a replacement to the repair manual and complex electrical circuit testing. This can easily help an unemployed technician pinpoint a vehicle problem and prove whether or not they are the right person to get the job accomplished.


Feed System: Reverse feed system for easy realignment of forms. Print Speed: Draft-12.0 cpi-538 cps; NLQ-12.0 cpi-180 cps; LQ-12.0 cpi-120 cps Throughput: High speed LQ, Draft, Copy Quality at 12/ 10/17 cpi Letter Quality Print Mode: Horizontal-10,12,15,17,20 cpi; Vertical-8 lines per inch. Barcodes: Resident POSTNET bar code with EPSON ESC/P2 control codes. Paper paths: Bi-directional with logic seeking in text and graphics mode. Print buffer: A generous 64K standard. Acoustic Noise: Approx 55dBA (ISO 7779); Approx 52dBA with hush mode. Reliability: MTBF: 10000 POH @ 25% duty cycle, Print head life 400 million strokes/wire, Ribbon Life: 15 million characters. Standard Connectivity: Parallel and USB. Optional: Type B Level 2, 24 pin internal print server.


The usability of the method added several advantages. Because the DMS method uses less hazardous chemicals, which are less toxic than the conventional acid system, it can save money for fire extinguishers and reduce corrosion of piping and other instruments. The indication of deposit level is digitally displayed in the control room, so we can continuously monitor the thickness of the deposit before it reaches the critical value at which emergency action might be required. The method also has a very small environmental impact because all operations are done in the atmosphere of saturated water at approximately 1 atm pressure. This can avoid the evaporation of corrosive solution from the surface of the sample, and we can eliminate the occurrence of corrosion rate acceleration due to the volatilization of the solution. We used a steam generator that only functions if there are samples to be tested, so the steam cost can be saved. The dryout potential curve and steam generator development done now could be useful for correlating the corrosion behavior of carbon steel and stainless steel in a comparative state.

Installation and Setup

Installation Process:

Installing and setting up the Innova 5610 scan tool is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few simple steps. Below, I outline the key components of the installation process:

  • Unboxing the Package:
    • Innova 5610 scan tool
    • OBD2 cable
    • Quick start guide
    • Optional OBD1 adapter kit (if purchased separately)
    • Optional three double A batteries (if purchased separately)
    • Carrying case (if included)
  1. Upon receiving the Innova 5610 scan tool, carefully unbox the package, ensuring that all components are present and undamaged. The package typically includes the following items.

  • Familiarizing with the Components:
  1. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the various components of the Innova 5610 scan tool. This includes the main unit, OBD2 cable, optional OBD1 adapter kit (if applicable), and any additional accessories.

  • Charging or Installing Batteries:
  1. If your scan tool is powered by batteries, open the compartment on the back of the unit and insert the provided three double A batteries. Alternatively, connect the mini USB port located on the bottom of the unit to a power source using a compatible USB cable for charging.

  • Connecting the OBD2 Cable:
  1. Connect one end of the OBD2 cable to the port located on the top of the scan tool. The other end of the cable is plugged into the OBD2 port of your vehicle. The OBD2 port is typically located beneath the dashboard on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

  • Optional OBD1 Adapter Kit Installation (if applicable):
  1. If you have purchased the optional OBD1 adapter kit, follow the instructions provided to install the adapter. This typically involves connecting the adapter to the OBD2 cable and then plugging it into the OBD1 port of compatible vehicles.

  • Powering On the Scan Tool:
  1. Once the connections are made, power on the scan tool by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds. The screen will illuminate, indicating that the device is powered on and ready for use.

  • Initial Setup and Configuration:
  1. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete any initial setup or configuration steps. This may include selecting language preferences, adjusting display settings, and setting up wireless connectivity (if applicable).

  • Updating Software (if necessary):
  1. If your scan tool requires software updates, connect it to a computer using the provided USB cable and follow the instructions to download and install the latest software updates from the manufacturer’s website.

  • Optional App Installation:
  1. If you plan to use the optional mobile app for enhanced functionality, download and install the app from the appropriate app store on your smartphone or tablet. Follow the app’s setup instructions to connect it to your scan tool via Bluetooth.

innova 5610 review with pros and cons

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