Jet Seal Chemical Guys Review

Chemical Guys WAC_118_16 JetSeal Anti-Corrosion Sealant




Chemical Guys, a prominent name in automotive detailing, often introduces products promising top-notch results. In a recent review, the spotlight turned to their JetSeal, hailed as a high-end polymer sealant with lofty claims of 12-month protection, UV resistance, and nanotechnology integration. Priced at approximately $20.56 per pint, this product has generated anticipation among enthusiasts. Let’s delve into an in-depth assessment of the JetSeal.

Application Process and Ease

The application phase commenced with cautious optimism. The instructions were straightforward: shake well, apply a modest amount onto the pad, and let it settle for 20 minutes before removal. Initial impressions leaned towards a moderately easy application, garnering a pass in the grading system.

Gloss Assessment

 The gloss assessment, a pivotal aspect, revealed an unexpected outcome. Utilizing a gloss meter on a pristine panel (initially reading 90 gloss units), the JetSeal exhibited a reduction, scoring 82.7, translating to a loss of 7.3 gloss points. While the hood initially appeared promising during application, it seemingly dulled after curing, contrasting initial expectations.

Slickness and Visual Appeal

 Judging slickness and visual appeal, the JetSeal earned a marginal pass. Though reasonably slick, it failed to match the coveted levels desired. Visually, while enhancing color depth marginally, it fell short in delivering the expected high gloss finish.

Durability Test and Final Verdict 

Outside testing commenced to assess durability, and unfortunately, the JetSeal showed lackluster performance. Beading was marginal, and subsequent washes didn’t display the promised durability, failing to endure even a few rounds of cleansing.

The overall evaluation painted a mixed picture. Despite marginal passes in certain categories, the product significantly lagged in crucial aspects like gloss retention and durability, falling short of the proclaimed 12-month protection.

Conclusion and Recommendation

In a comparative analysis, the JetSeal faced criticism for its inability to maintain gloss and endurance over time, affecting its overall rating. While not deeming it the worst product available, its performance gaps were highlighted, especially concerning its promises and price point.

It’s important to note that individual preferences and needs vary. The JetSeal might suit specific requirements or budgets, especially when compared to certain lower-tier products. However, for those seeking optimal gloss, durability, and ease of application, alternative options might prove more satisfactory.

This comprehensive assessment underscores the importance of informed decision-making in choosing automotive detailing products. Detailed comparisons and prior evaluations showcased in the reviewer’s archive provide valuable insights for consumers, aiding them in selecting products aligned with their preferences and expectations.


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